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The hedge fund industry is long overdue for change. We have seen technological progress remove market inefficiencies across all industries, yet the hedge fund structure has mostly resisted change. The natural evolution of the hedge fund industry is to create a more transparent, trusted and accessible investable universe for all. DeFi (decentralised finance) has grown greatly within the ethereum network, enabling progressive and innovative businesses to be at the forefront of change in the industry

Rolaz Group, one of the top asset management firms, with its presence in Europe, the United States and South America perceive this as an opportunity to network one of the world’s best investment products and bridge it using the latest digital and defi technologies. It is our aim to continuously seek out and invest in opportunities to maximize return on all stakeholder’s investments.

Despite all the risks and lack of transparency, the top hedge funds of the world averaged just above 11% in 2020, this represents a trivial percentage. In contrast to rGLD, the first product of Rolaz group’s investment firm, the company’s gold mining operations have proven an average rate of return of 50% with no additional risks involved. By further utilizing the decentralized nature of the blockchain and employing Ethereum smart contracts, we intend to bring transparency and opportunities to the common people that were previously limited to the rich.

Today, our investment portfolio consists of innumerable operations of the world’s scarcest and most expensive assets like gold, cobalt, lithium, and others. An average returns on all these investments exceeding 100%. Our goal is to create a decentralized investment platform that has the functionalities to tokenize these natural, financial and investment assets. Then, group these investment opportunities together and allow people from all backgrounds to invest and earn huge returns on these investments. Thus creating a transparent, trusted and accessible investment universe for all.

This paper discusses rGLD and its key elements, like Rolaz Protocol, which is the basis for rGLD and all the future investment projects that investors will eventually have access to. In case you missed the chance to make huge returns on Bitcoin and other cool defi projects, you will not want to miss this opportunity and make unreal returns after all.


Rolaz Protocol, will serve as a foundation for all the future transactions carried out in the network. The network will support a number of tokenized instruments mostly related to natural, financial and investment markets.

A diagram illustrates how the protocol is being utilized to meet different objectives for the execution of rGLD, and all future projects launched by Rolaz Group.


Protocol is central, is the backbone, powering everything — smart contracts, dapps, oracles, platforms, and other integrations. Designed to systematically tokenize natural, financial and investment assets.
Firstly, there is the entire corporate structure of ROLAZ GROUP, which is responsible for managing everything that happens within our ecosystem. The objective is to keep all activities and resources within the framework of legal and financial provisions, especially in harmony with the vision of Founders. Secondly, there is ROLAZ HEDGE FUND BOARD,
which focuses on the development of the business through ongoing market research, so that new investment opportunities can be developed by constantly researching traditional markets and emerging markets. Thirdly, the biggest asset we have is our COMMUNITY, who are constantly investing in our products and increasing the value of the token. Lastly, there are the DEVELOPERS whose primary responsibility is to assess and identify new technological solutions.
Businesses and entrepreneurs who are part of our community can use the protocol for financing their project provided it is aligned with the protocol’s vision and meets legal and financial requirements.



Even though Gold has been an ideal medium to hold value over long term and is considered one of the safest places to invest in times of economic chaos and uncertainty, most gold mines are located in areas where latest technology in mining hasn’t gotten to and replacement of antiquated methods in both mining and metallurgy can almost double the yield.

Despite efforts to democratize the investment process in gold, gold mining investment remains a process marred with difficult and complex regulations and high initial investment which makes investing in gold mining very exclusive. This detracts the new investor trying to enter the industry already replete with lack of trust and transparency.

Added to this, difficult or no-access terrain, bureaucracy control, poor investment strategies make it difficult to perform gold prospecting with reliable tools that not only identify the presence of favorable geology, but be able to pinpoint prospective areas for mining.

With the lack of gold mining experience, most prospectors to this day remain a shovel selling outfits with little to no hope for finding gold.

The ability to leverage blockchain technology, Rolaz Group is able to provide a reliable, transparent and traceable way in the form of rGLD Token for the investors to take part in growing and successful gold exploration operations into a mega project. With upfront availability of all the information at our disposal, the investors will be able to make informed decisions about the prospects of the project’s success and be able to gauge their investment threshold.

With the rGLD token investors of all income and risk tolerance will be able to invest in already operational gold mining ventures and be able to reap the rewards of this unique investment opportunity that in the past was only available to privileged few or someone with the right connections, is now openly available with the security and the transparency of blockchain behind it. It also saves the investors from dealing with bureaucratic red tape, mounds of paperwork and other run-arounds of investing in precious metals and similar commodities.

Tokenizing an existing gold mining operation can be beneficial to both investors and the Rolaz Group as the latter will have more funds to invest in further exploration sites and the former will profit from the incredible returns that will result from operations, in an environment that is highly decentralized and transparent.


The rGLD token can be purchased from either the launch pool or rolaz.io website. The rGLD token will benefit both the stakers and the long-term holders as stakers will receive the promised rate of return from multiple investment scenarios and token holders will profit from the ever-growing price of rGLD coins. Because the mechanism has been geared towards the price accelerating with time, the price is certain to increase.
rGLD provides several staking options, so investors can tailor their portfolio as per their risk appetite. The following chart outlines the staking scenarios and their respective returns:

Half of the staked tokens will be burned, and half will be refunded along with additional promised returns in the form of cryptocurrency. The burn formula will help token holders tremendously as token’s value increases with time as supply decreases.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s say user A staked $100 worth of tokens in an yearly scenario offering 50% return. That gives a total of $150, $100 initial plus $50 in returns. Half of the staked tokens will be burned instantly. For user A, that is $50 worth of tokens meaning only $50 will be returned back. The remaining $100 will be paid back in cryptocurrency.




Technology based solutions are best when they solve a real-world problem. Blockchain is such a technology. Blockchain, being a decentralized ledger provides for a trust layer between buyers and sellers and reduces costs of settlement of payments and pending approvals of trade. The speed and efficiency of digital transactions have long been a part of trade. What Blockchain brings to it is greater transparency and traceability– an “immutable audit trail”.

rGLD is a BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain. The token sale period for rGLD will be between six and twelve months, Rolaz Group plans to release its own proprietary protocol by the end of the token sale, powered by polkadot, which is essentially compatible with other blockchains. It will be particularly useful for creating portfolios containing all available assets as well as staking different scenarios for a particular token asset according to your risk appetite.

The project is carried out with maximum care with investor’s trust being a paramount concern for the undertakers. With the use of blockchain technology, the issuers of rGLD wish to attain maximum transparency in all transactions involved and provide updated information to all token holders via a state -of-the-art platform built exclusively for trading rGLD token. Apart from trading on exchange, trading on this platform is significant because it will act as a buyer of the last resort.


Transparency has always been of paramount importance for the undertakers, and in order to build investor confidence, we work with the world’s most credible auditors and certification companies. Through the course of the project, the project will follow the principles of communication and decentralization. Hence, all the available auditing and certification documents will be made available under the rGLD section on rolaz.io website.

Additional tracking resources, such as operation activity and mapping coordinates, will be made public as well. Some independent auditors for the rGLD project include Bureau Veritas and SGS, two huge names in the market, both equally credible, whose primary jobs will be to verify gold purity , inventory control , verification of the paperwork and verifying operational integrity and transfer process.


By purchasing rGLD, holders will invest in already operational gold mining operations. The main aim of the project is to bring in partners in this highly lucrative project to expand an existing operation with proven results, to improve and expedite the prospecting, exploration and exploitation of massive gold deposits. Throughout the years, the project has proven successful and continues to grow.

However, like any investment there will always be some risk involved, but investing in gold is relatively safer, and this is why we see multiple stablecoins backed by gold in the market. For rGLD, a portion of the gold extracted from mining operations is stored in the world’s most secure vaults, while the remainder is sold in the open market for the highest price available. The gold storage also leads to a certain level of price stability for rGLD token holders since the price cannot recede a certain level since gold is backed. For rGLD holders, this presents the best of both worlds since they make decent returns and enjoy certain price stability.


The rGLD token will have a fixed supply of 50 million tokens of which 70% will be available for public sale. The token will have a base price of $1.5 (approx.) for the public sale, with an estimated market capitalization of $52.5 million. In the case that tokens are unsold during public sale, they’ll be burned immediately as a price stability measure for current holders.

The public sale is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2021 and run through the first quarter of 2022. Once that happens, token holders will be permitted to invest in a variety of investment scenarios. Since the investment scenario has a hard cap so there will be limited rGLD circulation. Once the expected capital is raised, token issuance will be stopped immediately. A diagram below illustrates the token distribution:



In the following section, you will learn about gold sites that have been discovered and are open for exploration under the supervision of Rolaz Group, as well as gold still to be discovered from these mines. Here are the four gold extraction sites already in operation. Detailed information such as volume and reservation will be available on the website for all extraction sites.


LOCATION: Community Asepita, Province Larecaja, Department of La Paz
15°18’00.5″S 68°16’57.0″W


LOCATION: Community Alacarani, Province Larecaja, Department of La Paz
15°28’42.7″S 67°53’47.6″W


LOCATION: Community Uyapi, Province Larecaja, Department of La Paz
15°27’45.9″S 67°46’58.5″W

TOTIBE Copacabana

LOCATION: Tipuani, Province Larecaja, Department of La Paz
15°50’13.0″S 68°10’32.0″W